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Take a look at our achievements, so far.

Statewide, all departments utilize eSign in a number of ways. From onboarding new employees to signing everyday documents, all electronically.

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As of: Mar 1, 2023

Reach your signers, anywhere.

eSign provides the flexibility to eSign from any device, anywhere, anytime. Whether they are right next to you, on a neighbor island, or in a different office. Letting you continue your business where you need it.

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All in an hour.

Learn to eSign within an hour. We offer free onsite training for your entire division, branch, office, and department. We offer many different training courses; learn as much as you need. From beginner to expert our goal is to help you expedite your business process.

Malama Ka Aina – Respecting the land

Malama Ka `Aina – Respecting the land

Through digitizing paper-based processes the State of Hawaii reduces its environmental impact, take a look.

Gallons of water saved

Pounds of waste saved

Pounds of wood saved

Provided by Adobe Resource Calculator

Oct ’15 – Oct ’23